Bespoke management support services designed around your individual practice or Primary Care Network needs

1. Practice Crisis Support

Partners leaving? Staff leaving? Practice Manager struggling? Not sure what to do or where to turn. I can carry out a review of the practice, support your Practice Manager, and work with you to identify priority areas and next steps. 

2. Practice Manager Caretaking

Is your Practice Manager off sick, recovering from illness, on holiday or are you waiting for your newly appointed Practice Manager to start? I can provide interim support or be point of contact for a deputy manager who might be holding the reigns alone.

3. Merger Support

Bespoke support available for practice mergers. Once the decision has been made for two practices to merge it is often left to the Practice Management team to make it happen. In a job that is already busy it makes sense to outsource some of the work to someone with experience. I have experience of carrying out practice mergers and I can guide you through the issues, decisions and opportunities merger brings.

4. Practice Relocations and New Buildings

Even when you have someone managing the practical aspects of a new building there is much additional operational work around how the new building will be kitted out and run.  We both have experience in this area and can help your relocation and new building project run smoothly.

5. Management Team Recruitment Support

Practice management teams are often made up of multiple different management roles. Do you need an experienced Practice Manager to review applications for your management roles and sit in on interviews? With nearly twenty years Practice Management experience I can assist you in finding your next manager.

6. Management Team New Starter Support and Mentoring

For new Practice Managers the role can often feel overwhelming. Retaining your new Practice Manager is key. I can offer mentoring and support for new Practice Managers over the first few weeks and months of their role.

All practice situations are different. If you aren’t sure what you need or what you need is not listed above, I’m happy to discuss bespoke pieces or work and tailored support.

How it works and what you can expect from me

We’ll start with an initial no-strings-attached conversation to discuss your requirements

I’ll follow this up with a proposal document scoping out your project and projected costs

Next we’ll make a project consultancy agreement so you know exactly what we have agreed

You can expect regular communication from me throughout

I’ll deliver an outcome report at the end of the project

Arrange a free, no-obligation discovery call to learn more about how I can help.

“Eloise was an excellent, capable, caring and conscientious manager who always went above and beyond. She is thoughtful, intelligent and happy to innovate. She is extremely hard working. Always willing to step up and step in.”

~ GP Partner, Weston super Mare